The ECO-Friendly
Mosquito Control Solution

  • No pesticides & insecticides
  • No contamination of the environment
  • Safe for people & pets
  • Highest efficacy worldwide, scientifically proven
Suitable for
indoor & outdoor
Private Residences,
Restaurants, Hotels,
Pest Control

Reduction of Mosquito Nuisance & Bites

Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of fundamental research at the university of Regensburg, Germany. They catch more mosquito species than any other traps and are therefore used by professionals for monitoring purposes worldwide.

Solve Your Mosquito Problem

Body Heat Convection

Imitated by the distribution of the odor plumes over a Biogents trap

Light & Dark Contrast

Mosquitoes are attracted by the color black


How The Trap Imitates a Human Being

by Biogents AG, engineered in Germany.

Skin Scent

Artificial Skin Scent: Biogents patented Sweeetscent is classified as non toxic

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide imitating human exhalation.

Quality Made in Germany

Science for
Your Protection

Studies show a reduction of the mosquito population of up to 87% on properties with Biogents’ traps.

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