16 Years of Research

The Biogents technology is a result of 16 years of fundamental research at the University of Regensburg in Germany and has been tested worldwide.
The traps that work with CO2 capture all mosquito species, but are especially effective against tiger mosquitoes and house mosquitoes.

The trap’s high capture rate leads to a continuous decrease of the mosquito population when it is used permanently. The Biogents technology is an eco-friendly & biological method to catch female adult mosquitoes.

The trap imitates a human being. All of Biogents’ mosquito traps work according to the patented “counter-flow-principle”. The counter flow principle is an airflow system whereby air is being sucked into the center of the traps and being blown out via the top part of the traps.

The 4 elements that create the characteristics of our traps are:
a small fan, color contrast, a scent dispenser and carbon-dioxide.

Body Heat Convection

Imitated by the distribution of the odor plumes over a Biogents trap

Light & Dark Contrast

Mosquitoes are attracted by the color black


How The Trap Imitates a Human Being

by Biogents AG, engineered in Germany.

Skin Scent

Artificial Skin Scent: Biogents patented Sweeetscent is classified as non toxic

Carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide imitating human exhalation.

Human body heat convection

imitated by the distribution of the odor plumes over a Biogents trap

A 4-Watt fan sucks the air into the center of the trap. At the bottom of the trap the air picks up an artificial human scent and then gets diverted upwards past the trap-walls and leaves the trap through the white perforated top. The air plume that leaves the trap now mimics the presence of a warm human body and therefore mosquitoes start to get attracted.

Artificial skin scent

Biogents patented sweetscent attractants are classified as non-toxic

The scent dispenser sits at the bottom of the mosquito trap and, while the fan blows air over it, releases substances that resemble those found in our human skin. This way the air leaving the trap is enriched with a ‘human scent‘ which is a big attractant for mosquitoes.

Light-and-dark contrasts

Mosquitoes are also attracted by the color black. The black trap entrance contrasts with the white mosquito trap top part and as such act as a visual cue for the mosquito.

Imitating human exhalation

Carbon dioxide is the main component that we humans breath out and it is a huge attractant to mosquitoes. The CO2 is added to the air plume through a nozzle that sits on top of the trap. Per 24 hours between 200 – 500gr of CO2 is released.

Cross-section of the trap

When mosquitoes become aware of the artificial human scent and start to approach the traps, the inwards suction current will pull them into the center funnel and into a catch bag from which they cannot escape. This interrupts the reproductive cycle and the mosquito population in your area will gradually decrease.

Attracting & Trapping

Biogents traps are the gold standard in attracting and trapping female mosquitoes. They are being used by scientists, researchers and mosquito professionals worldwide. Biogents traps have the highest efficacy worldwide, proven by numerous scientific studies

Live smart, think green, use Biogents.

If you have a problem with your trap or the performance of your trap, please let us know and I am sure we will find a solution.