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Where is the difference between the basic traps and the CO2-versions?

The basic traps (without CO2) only catch tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) and yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti). The CO2-versions attract all kinds of species (e.g. Culex). They also have a higher catching rate regarding tiger mosquitoes. Any Biogents trap can be upgraded at a later date with the CO2-Booster for a higher catch rate.

If your main worry is the transmission of disease, then the basic trap might be the right choice. If you want to free your space from mosquitoes altogether, you will have to go with the CO2 version.

Why do I need your service? Can’t I just save money buying the trap and doing it alone?

Of course you can buy the Biogents mosquito trap. However our experience is that customers buy the trap, and don’t really take care of it afterwards. Which will reduce its effectiveness immensely. It needs to be cleaned, you will have to change the CO2 regularly, the catchbag has to be emptied and the placement is of critical importance. Many small details that you won’t have to worry about if you hire us to take care of your mosquito problem.

Where is the best place for the trap?

The best place for the trap is somewhere in a shady, humid location, where there is hardly wind. The trap should be placed as close as possible to the mosquito breeding and resting sites.

But you might have to try out several positions because the catching rate depends on many individual things. A few meters can make a big difference.

Is the trap rainproof?

Biogents traps are all rainproof, however we recommend not to leave the traps in heavy rainfall. Mosquitoes aren’t flying during rainfall. In case of a lot of rain the catch bag has to be emptied more often than usual.

How many square meters do the traps cover?

There are many different criteria which have an influence on the catching rate, such as mosquito population, breeding waters, resting places, climate, surroundings etc. The basic traps (without CO2) cover about 50 to 100 m² and the CO2-versions about 100 to 600 m².

Can the traps also be used inside the house?

Traps with CO2 are developed only for outdoor usage. You can place them in the garden, balcony or on the terrace. This is a safety precaution for the CO2.

Traps without CO2 can also be run inside the house, but they are not as effective inside as outside. The reason is that traps should be positioned as near as possible to the breeding waters or rest areas of the mosquitoes which are mostly in outdoor areas.

When will the trap begin to be effective?

Our system needs about one week time to show an effect, because the traps are „artifical human beings“ for the mosquitoes and they are not more attractive than a real human being. But the traps are permanently present as opposed to human beings and they catch patrolling mosquitoes so the active population (and its reproduction rate) will be held down in the long run. But one cannot expect that a big population will break down in a short period.
To give you an idea on the reproduction rate of mosquitoes have a look at these numbers.

A small example that starts with just one female!

  • The first day: 1 female x 300 eggs —> 150 males, 150 females.
  • After 2 weeks an extra 150 adult females, that also live one month, will each lay an average of another 150 females.
  • After 6 weeks: 150 females x 150 females = 22.500 females.
  • After 12 weeks: 22.500 females x 150 females = 3.375.000 females
  • After 18 weeks: 3.375.000 x 150 females = 506.250.000 females. That is more than half a billion females and they all need blood.

Every mosquito you catch will make a difference!

How can I ensure that the mosquitoes caught in the catch bag and still alive do not fly out of the bag while I am changing it?

Slightly pull the intake funnel out of the trap so that the catch bag is still within the suction current of the fan. Pull the catch bag off of the funnel net, and simultaneously close the cord of the bag shut. Make sure the bag does not get caught in the fan. You can find these directions in the Instructions Manual that is provided with the trap, or you can download it here.

How many mosquitoes did the trap catch?

Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the amount of caught mosquitoes.
The following images give you an impression of the amount of caught mosquitoes:

Why should I purchase Biogents’ traps instead of other mosquito traps that are on the market?

If you have tiger mosquitoes in your environment, then you should buy the BG-Mosquitaire trap. The BG-Mosquitaire was specifically developed for use against tiger mosquitoes. Many international scientific studies that have been published in the top scientific journals of the world, and also presented at important scientific conventions, conclude that the BG-Mosquitaire trap catches a much higher amount of tiger mosquitoes than other mosquito traps do.

Therefore, making it the best tiger mosquito trap. These publications can also be viewed on this website.

Which customers already use Biogents tiger mosquito traps?

The largest and most familiar health authorities and research institutes of the world are using Biogents tiger mosquito traps. For example the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from the USA, the Pasteur Institute in France, and the Cairns Tropical Public Health Unit Network in Australia are currently using Biogents traps.

How can I interpret the catch results of the trap? Last week, my trap only caught a couple of tiger mosquitoes.

This catch result can be normal. It shows that tiger mosquitoes are in the vicinity and a risk exists. Tiger mosquitoes are solitary and do not fly around in large swarms.
On the contrary, if you have absolutely no tiger mosquitoes in the catch bag of the BG-Mosquitaire trap, you can assume that there is not a tiger mosquito problem in your area at that moment unless the trap is positioned incorrectly. If you find a large amount of tiger mosquitoes in the catch bag of the BG-Mosquitaire trap, then there is an extremely large threat of tiger mosquitoes. Under these circumstances, we suggest using more than one BG-Mosquitaire trap. In any case, try to locate any possible breeding waters for the mosquitoes and empty them out. These water reservoirs are often found in flower pots, vases, buckets, water barrels, rain gutters, puddles, or even discarded cups that contain water. Using fine stones or sand as filling hinders the ability of the mosquito to be able to lay her eggs there in the future.

How safe is the BG-Mosquitaire trap for people, in particular for my small children?

The BG-Mosquitaire trap is completely safe for people and even small children, mainly because its does not use any pesticides or insecticides whatsoever. Obvious parts of the BG-Mosquitaire trap, for example the electrical connection or the fan, should not be within reach of children.

Will the Biogents mosquito trap attract more tiger mosquitoes in my house or garden than there were before?

No, the traps only attract and catch tiger mosquitoes that are patrolling around the vicinity.

What is particularly special about tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes?

First and foremost, the tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes are capable of transmitting serious diseases such as chikungunya and dengue fever. They obtain these viruses from one bite of an infected human. The virus then begins to proliferate inside the mosquito and after roughly ten days the mosquito can transmit the disease to other humans with only one bite.

In addition to these hazardous threats, the tiger mosquitoes distinguish themselves from other mosquitoes by being day feeders. They are abnormally aggressive and persistent.

What are tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes attracted to?

Every mosquito species responds differently to the various signals that are emitted by their prey. Tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes react to a combination of particular visual signals, air plumes, and specific scents of the human skin. The BG-Mosquitaire trap is highly efficient, because it is specifically developed for tiger mosquitoes. It is a patented combination of visual signals, artificially generated air plumes, and a patented 3-component-scent that mimics human skin and further enhances the efficiency of the trap.

What role does the BG-Sweetscent play?

The Biogents Sweetscent is a three component scent imitator that increases the efficacy of the BG-Mosquitaire trap, in addition to visual signals and artificially generated air plumes. The patented composition of BG-Sweetscent imitates the composition of human skin.

What is particular about BG-Sweetscent?

The BG-Sweetscent is a patented three component scent imitator that is specialized for use in Biogents mosquito traps and in particular against tiger mosquitoes. Therefore it is only highly effective in combination with a Biogents mosquito trap. Each of the three components imitates a part of the main components of the human skin. The particular light and permeable packaging of the BG-Sweetscent guarantees an optimally timed release of the scent into the surroundings.

It can improve the catch rate of any conventional mosquito trap when added. So if you already own a mosquito trap which doesn’t catch any tiger mosquitoes, of course the trap will perform a lot better when adding the sweetscent.

I have the impression that the BG-Sweetscent smell evaporates earlier than suggested. Should I exchange the Sweetscent before the course of two months has expired?

No. The human nose becomes accustomed to the odor, and after a while one does not smell it anymore. In addition, it is possible that right after opening the package a large amount of the scent is released for a short amount of time. The scent is actually still there and very efficient throughout the two months. Therefore, you do not need to change the BG-Sweetscent before the course of two months has expired. However, you cannot wait longer than two months to change the BG-Sweetscent to ensure the effectiveness of the BG-Mosquitaire.

I read these answers but I still have questions:

Please send us your questions to and we will answer them as quickly as possible.


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