Institutional Customers

Having a mosquito free environment
will have a direct impact on customer well-being

This positive influence translates directly to a higher turnover for businesses with outdoor seating, as guests can enjoy their evenings longer, therefore spending more money and having a better experience to talk about. Our school customers reportedly don’t use pesticides anymore, which has a direct influence on the well-being of their students as well as an overall impact on our environment, which we should all care about.

VP Mosquito Control offers the following services, depending on your location.

All-inclusive biological & eco-friendly mosquito control service

  • Available in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • Our standard service with the highest effectiveness to solve your mosquito problem.

Our trained personnel will operate in 4 steps:

  1. Survey the area and look for active larvae populations and mosquito resting sites
  2. Treat mosquito breeding sites biologically
  3. Install the protective system at the most effective locations
  4. Visit monthly for maintenance to make sure that the traps function as effective as possible. (cleaning, change and adjustment of CO2, change of Sweetscent and catch bags)

Sale of Biogents mosquito traps

As the exclusive partner of Biogents AG in Thailand we provide the whole product range of Biogents traps, attractants and spare parts.

Please visit our webshop to order your trap and start catching mosquitoes. Any Biogents trap can be upgraded with the CO2 booster set.

Any Biogents trap can be upgraded with the CO2 booster set.

If you have a Biogents trap that doesn’t use CO2 yet, visit our webshop and get the CO2 Booster system to highly increase the catch rate of your traps.

After-Sale Service

After the purchase of Biogents mosquito traps it is advisable to sign up for our “VP care program“, one year or month-by-month after-sale service

  • Available in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • We provide the same service quality as our all-inclusive service
  • We make sure the traps operate in the most effective way
  • You save money in the long run.

CO2 Delivery

As the owner of a Biogents mosquito trap with CO2, you need to change the CO2 regularly for the best catch result.

  • Available in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
  • Give us a call or send us a message and we will deliver high-quality CO2 for the best performance of your Biogents mosquito trap.

You can place a one-time order or you can buy a voucher set of 10 refill deliveries.

Staff Training

Training program for PCO staff on how to install, position and operate the traps. Information on maintenance of the traps, how to deal with CO2 and information about Integrated Mosquito Management.

  • Thai
  • English

The training can be conducted in English or Thai, so your staff knows how to work effectively with your Biogents mosquito traps. Upgrade your service quality by integrating Biogents mosquito traps for effective mosquito control.

Project Design & Implementation

Integrate mosquito control before you start your building project. Challenges often include electricity outlets, landscaping and water management. Adding mosquito control after completion of the project will lead to higher costs or to compromises concerning the right location of the traps. Let us know on time and we can help at the planning stage already.

The Gold Standard
in Attracting & Trapping Female Mosquitoes

Pesticides & Insecticides Free

Used by Pofessionals Worldwide

Beneficial Insects Friendly

Imitates a Human Being

Easy, Fast Installation

Low Noise Level

Biogents’ traps are being used by scientists, researchers and mosquito professionals worldwide. More than 300 scientific papers will give you an even better picture.

Live smart, think green, use Biogents.

If you have a problem with your trap or the performance of your trap, please let us know and I am sure we will find a solution.

VP Mosquito Control offers the following services, depending on your location.